Finally a simple interface for domain names.

happyDNS is a modern open-source web application, that aims to simplify all your usages of domain names. Connecting a blog, a shop or doing advanced stuff is just a click away.

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Do you find hosting providers' interfaces for domain name incomprehensible or unusable?

Reconcile with your domain names, thanks to an interface designed for you.

Neophyte friends, our simple interface will guide you in the configuration of your domain name, without going through the proper domain name terminology.

Recognized experts: change your point of view on DNS, with an ergonomic interface in the age of time that will meet all your expectations.

Online demo and downloads

You can try happyDNS online directly on our servers.

There is no prebuilt binary currently (check back soon).

Our source code is freely available under the CeCILL license in our git repository, hosted by Framagit.


Join our IRC channel #happydns on freenode to share ideas or ask questions.

Bugs and Features

If you notice a problem or a missing feature, feel free to report it on the project’s issues page.


We will need you help to translate happyDNS. Come back later, when we’ve set up the translation tool.


We invite interested developers to contribute code. Check out our repository on Framagit.


You can contact our team at contact at happydns.org for any professional requests.